Language Translation and Other Opportunities

Do you want to run a business of translators and interpreters, or do anything else in regard to these languages?

  • Vietnamese <=> English
  • Filipino <=> English
  • Khmer <=> English
  • Lao <=> English
  • Burmese <=> English

    We have run a translation business in Thailand for more than 15 years, whereby we have standard operating procedures and have learned best practices. We planned to expand this into other countries for other languages, as an internet based business. However, COVID happened which complicated travel and business plans, and then we just got too busy on other things.

    You meet a lot of interesting business people in translation... and can engage in some of their projects, as they often need additional help in the country they are moving into. It can be a good business to be in. You can also come out giving a lot of referrals to other businesses such as lawyers, accountants, real estate agents, and others.

    Some of the things people need translators and interpreters for:

  • Interpreters are used for many wealthy visitors coming for business meetings, trade shows, tourism, and other things.
  • Products imported or exported need their documentation translated.
  • Marketing and promotional materials should be translated with artistic class.
  • Websites need to be translated, also called localization.
  • For embassies and governments, a lot of personal documents need to be translated and certified.

    ... and many other things.

    Much of this can be brokered working from home, or by a digital nomad. There are many translators and interpreters between English and Vietnamese, Filipino, Khmer, Lao, and Burmese.

    All of these domains are now available for sale. You can pick one, or you can get them all for a discount per domain. They are easy to remember, and of course they have keywords in the name. I think they're the best names for each language.

    I'm not looking for ridiculous prices, unlike some other owners. I might consider various bids.

    Thank you for visiting this page.